Senate Leader Endorses Gregg Fulfer

“Unprecedented times demand a state senator with on-the-job experience”

By Stuart Ingle, Senate Minority Leader

It has been my honor to serve with Sen. Gregg Fulfer since 2018, when he was appointed by unanimous vote to the New Mexico State Senate to complete the term of retiring senator, Carroll Leavell.

As a husband, father, businessman, public servant, and lifelong resident of Jal, Gregg acts only in the best interest of Senate District 41.

Gregg takes the high road always and without exception. Civility and dignity are inherent to his character, and why he is well-respected by his colleagues on both sides of the aisle.

State government has shut down but Gregg’s door is always open. During the pandemic, dozens of his constituents have reached out for help and he has resolved many problems associated with unemployment benefits, the Motor Vehicle Department, and forced business and school closures, among others.

As we prepare to convene for a special session to tackle a $2.5 billion budget deficit, it is imperative that Republicans in the state senate are united. The state has lost historic levels of revenue due to the crippled oil and gas industry and shuttered businesses. Gregg is an oil and gas man and a business owner who has suffered losses along with the rest of us, so his insight will be invaluable as we begin the slow journey back to economic solvency.

These unprecedented times demand a state senator with on-the-job experience. I hope the voters of Senate District 41 will agree.